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Women owned and run inMinnesota

If you’re like us, you believe a full life includes an awesome dog. But awesome dogs can be picky. Or stubborn. Or really bad decision-makers. But don’t worry. Stashios® hide what they need in what they love. Yes, we are helping you trick your dog. But in a good way.

made with love in minnesota

made from the world's finest natural ingredients

Women owned and run in the usa



"My dog takes medicine several times a day, Wrap-Ups are easy to use and there is little waste! We are are happy to give our dog this as a healthier option."

Soothing Saucer

"My dog has a habit of obsessive licking. The Soothing Saucer helped calm her and focus on licking the saucer!"


"These dental sticks seem to work great for my cocker spaniel, and they’re the perfect balance of sturdy + chewy."

Stashios Products

"I kid you not, our dog LOVES Stashios treats more than any other! He gets so giddy when I take a bag out and give him a treat!"


"My dog takes a pill everyday and Wrap-Ups are the best!"


"I have an older dog, and let me tell you, his breath is pretty nasty. These dental sticks keep his breath smelling good."

Soft Chews

"My dog is picky, but she loves these treats! She’s extra obedient when I have them, so I carry them when we go off leash."

Soothing Saucer

"We have a boxer/pit mix & she is a spitfire! We’ve done some handling work but this was the first time she has had her nails done with a Dremel Dog Nail Trimmer. We used the Soothing Saucer to help calm her & she did fantastic!"

Soft Chews

"Thanks to these treats, I was able to teach my black lab how to sit and heel in two days. They’re perfectly sized, so I know we’re not overdoing it."

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Pet Business Award
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