19 Items to Pack In Your Dog Hiking First Aid Kit


As the weather warms up and we start to spend more time outdoors with our pets, we must remain cognizant of the fact that the outdoors pose many risk factors that can be harmful to dogs. In the same way humans must prepare for the outdoors (i.e. apply sunscreen and mosquito repellent, wear sunglasses, bring water and bandaids), your dog’s health and safety while on the trail deserves just as much thought.


Some of the risk factors for dogs while hiking include:


  • mosquitos
  • ticks
  • snakes
  • sticks
  • sharp rocks
  • poisonous plants
  • UV rays, and more.


All these elements can potentially cause swelling, cuts, burns, allergic reactions, and heatstroke in our furry friends. You may notice that many of these factors are also risks to humans – so packing some essential items in your dog first aid kit can also serve and a double bonus for you, too!


19 Items For Your DIY Dog First Aid Kit


  1. 3% Hydrogen Peroxide* (with appropriate administration and dosages listed)
  2. Liquid Benadryl*
  3. Alcohol Wipes
  4. Vet records with list of emergency vet clinics and phone numbers
  5. Extra leash
  6. Extra poop bags (cuz you just never know!)
  7. Small flashlight (in case you lose something and it gets dark)
  8. Towel
  9. Shears (for cutting gauze, tape, or those pesky burrs)
  10. Vaseline/Neosporin (for dry, cracked, or cut paws)
  11. Gauze and tape
  12. Syringe (to administer liquid meds)
  13. Tweezers (for ticks or other objects)
  14. Extra bottle of water (overheating can happen and, not only is water good for drinking, but it’s also great for cooling down – especially if you’re not near a water source)
  15. Pet sunscreen with aloe vera
  16. Hydrocortisone (for insect bites and swelling)
  17. Healthy dog treats
  18. Instant cold pack
  19. Saline solution (for washing wounds and flushing eyes)

*Always consult your veterinarian prior to administering any medications.




Planning to carry chewable pet medication?


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>>> Learn more about how to administer medication to your pet

It’s a good idea to book a vet visit if you aren’t sure what dosage your pet can handle and you are planning on taking your pup on hikes and camping trips this season for the first time. Administering too much hydrogen peroxide can be deadly; however, not administering any can also be deadly depending upon your dog’s reaction. So it’s always best to be prepared before you head out into the wilderness with your furry companion.

Affordable Pet First Aid Kits

As you can typically find many of these items lying around your home already, you can also purchase your own dog first aid kit for an affordable rate. Feel confident while out adventuring with your dog – check out this kit by Adventure Medical Kits for $25 available at your local REI – it even includes a pet first aid manual!

Happy hiking!

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With temperatures hovering in the high-’70s to mid-’80s, Minnesota makes for the ideal summer destination when traveling with dogs. Featuring the Mississippi River headwaters and the Great Lakes, Minnesota is spotted with lakes and lush greenery throughout the state. You’re sure to find plenty of shade when hiking the trails and great swimming holes for you and your furry friend to cool off in – just be sure to pack plenty of mosquito repellent!


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