Pets are family.
Treat them well.


Stashios is a women owned and run company located in beautiful Minnesota. We offer products that stash what pets need in what they love. We are inspired by pets, fueled by fun and committed to health and wellness. We help you care for your pets by creating products that encourage them to learn, play and be well. 


Stashios women owned and run in mn


Michele, President

Nala, Chief Squirrel Chaser
Breed: NewfyDoodle
Nicknames: Malfy, Dumbledore, NalaGirl
Loves: Watching movies with dogs, snuggling with my humans, car rides, boat rides, chasing squirrels and doggy playdates.
Dislikes: Teeth brushing, nail trims and when my humans leave the house without me.
Favorite Stashios treat: Soft Chews+ stuffed in my favorite rubber bone.

Katie, Vice President of Operations & Strategy

ScooterWelcoming Committee Manager
BreedCavalier King Charles Spaniel
NicknamesScoots, Scooter Pants, Scooty Patootie
LovesTreats, giving kisses, cuddles, car rides and keeping your lap warm.
DislikesAnimals on TV and waking up early.
Favorite Stashios treatAll of them!

our team
our team

Amy, Sales & Product Manager

Maggie, Toy Durability Analyst
Breed: Boxer
Nicknames: Mags
Loves: Cuddling, running, playing fetch, ice cubes, camping and boat rides.
Dislikes: Baths, nail clipping, being left behind on car trips—oh, and scary boys!
Favorite Stashios treat: Soft Chews+™ hidden in a Snuffle Mat.

Stephanie, Director of New Product Development

Cheech, Senior Tester of Anything Edible
Breed: Mini Aussie
Nicknames: Goo, Googan
Loves: Swimming, playing with dogs and me.
Dislikes: Diets, angry people, when I try to sneak veggies in his food.
Favorite Stashios treat: Soothing Saucer, it’s a long-lasting treat that he doesn’t have to chew (he is missing 6 teeth).
Fotzi, (No title) Along for the ride
Breed: German Shepherd
Nicknames: Fotz-O-Relli, Fotzi-Bean
Loves: Any activity! Scent work, playing, running.
Dislikes: No logs in the house, when I tell her to stop hunting bees.
Favorite Stashios treat: Dental+ stick, she loves a good chew, especially if they last longer!

our team
our team seth

Chen, Quality Assurance Manager

Rocket (dark grey), Stitch (light grey)
Breed: Chinchillas
Nicknames: Gege and Didi (Chinese for “big brother” and “little brother”)
Loves: Apple sticks, rose hips, sleep, taking dust bath
Dislikes: Being touched during sleep, loud noises

Amy, Quality Assurance Assistant

Cali, Treat Quality Manager
Breed: Golden Retriever
Nicknames: Cal Cal, Cawie, Da Puppy
Loves: Balls, squeaky toys, collecting stinky socks, family time, being chased, car rides, dog parks, ear rubs, and sleeping.
Dislikes: Vacuums, rakes, shovels, brooms, loud noises, nail trims, vet visits, and baths.
Favorite Stashios treat: Soft Chews+!

stashios logo
stashios shirt logo

Grace, Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Mix                                                   
Nicknames: Chuckles
Loves: Snow, hiking and people food
Dislikes: Fruit and Vegetables
Favorite Stashios treat: Bacon Wrap-Ups!

Chuck, Shipping/Warehouse Manager

Coco, Office Mutterials Associate
Breed: Yorkie
Nicknames: Crazy Coco
Loves: Car rides to Papa’s house, all toys that squeak, being outside.
Dislikes: Vacuums, fireworks, any animals in her yard.
Favorite Stashios treat: All of them!

our team

Tamiko, Post-Production

Lola, Head of Treat Tasting
Breed: Mixed (American Staffordshire Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Chihuahua)
Nicknames: Lolita, Lola Bandola
Loves: People, dogs, and food.
Dislikes: Bath time!!!
Favorite Stashios treat: Bacon Wrap-Ups!

Sarah, Production Team Leader

Olivia, Uptown Girl
Breed: Pitbull/Black Lab mix
Nicknames: Livie
Loves: Swimming with her brother and sister, and napping on the hot tub cover.
Dislikes: Family vacations without her, and human jobs.
Favorite Stashios treat: All of them but especially PB Wrap-Ups!

Tippy, Uptown Girl
Breed: Chow, German Shepard, and Border Collie mix
Nicknames: Dumdum
Loves: Maintaining a squirrel, rabbit, shrew, and mole-free yard, stealing and decimating her brother’s stuffed animals.
Dislikes: Family vacations without her, and human jobs.
Favorite Stashios treat: Soothing Saucer with Beef Calming!

employees hali

Hali, Production Team

Birdie, Chief Security Officer
Breed: Doberman, Great Dane, and Pitbull mix
Nicknames: Birdie Bird, The Beast
Loves: Fetch, walks, looking out the window, car rides, treats, fruit, and ear rubs.
Dislikes: Squirrels and rabbits.
Favorite Stashios treat: Peanut Butter Wrap-Ups!

ZoAnn, Production Team

Nova, President of Crumb Control
Breed: Alaskan Shepherd
Nicknames: Nova Scotia, Scotia, Snowva, Novy
Loves: Laying under the table during meal time, chasing balls, chasing bunnies, and getting belly rubs.
Dislikes: Fireworks and eating alone.
Favorite Stashios treat: Meal Appeal Skin & Coat Support!

stashios women owned

Lamin, Extruder Operator

Roger, Extruder Operator

Breed: Siberian Husky
Nicknames: Codes
Loves: Food, car rides and ice cream.
Dislikes: If his dinner does not have cheese on it.


– Stashios Office Support Staff –

Front Door Bouncer &
Late-night Party Starter
Breed: Havanese
Nicknames: Lou
Loves: Hide and seek, chase and walks.
Dislikes: Being alone.
Favorite Stashios treat: Soft Chews+™


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